Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Oh Yeah, Marriage

Nate (Roommate): And a hammock?!
Me: What?
Nate: ...And a hammock? [chuckling]
Me: [blank stare] what
Nate: That is so stupid.  I'm LOOKING at it.  It's RIGHT here.  This hammock.
Me: Oh. That hammock.
Nate: [laughing]: Because of course there also needed to be a hammock.
Me: Well only because I haven't found the unicorn yet.
Nate: [blank stare]
Me: what
Nate: Of course.

Because I totally must have known this was going to happen:

yeah, that was a sofa.  I swear. 

So! Good thing I had a hammock to console myself with and drown my sorrows in. Totally. 

 That's right. 

Just sayin'.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Seven Weeks Without Writing/Picture Poetry

So. It's been awhile.
Yes. I miss it.  Yes. I feel guilt. 
What does a girl who loves to write DO when she's not writing??

glass collecting.
lots and lots of glass collecting....

[sidenote: (squirrel!) While I have worked on my new website for my glass collecting, I have started listing things on Etsy and eBay.  It is going so steady that I have not yet finished my much anticipated website.  And because I am submitting for written permission from my work to do a side business, I can't advertise on social media yet. BOO.  But that is TRULY what keeps my computer time away from my blog.]
Check it out:
Etsy: passion4artglass
eBay: passion4glass

 yardwork.  lots and lots of yardwork. 

playing in the woods.

lots and lots of playing in the woods

yep it's mine
this is not....
  kid stuff. 

 lots and lots of shooting

settling in a roomie

a roomie in the woods

making new friends!

the end.

just sayin.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Yes, I am ALIVE

I have just been obsessed with a super secret, super awesome new project!  It is almost ready to be revealed, and here's a hint: it totally has to do with my glass obsession!

I have missed my blog terribly, but I have been writing, and hopefully, everyone will soon see what I've been working on!

My apologies for my complete and utter lack of amusing and entertaining blog posts.  (To be honest, as always) my new hobby has been the only thing keeping me sane as I adjust to being single again, a homeowner AND a puppy owner trying to raise two ever-growing boys....I have been more than overwhelmed at all the responsibilities, often crying myself to sleep with frustration and loneliness.  But the darkness seems to fading as the sun starts peeking through more and more.

It seems, of each new phase in my life, the adjustments I've had to make here, as a homeowner, and especially as a puppy raising, single mom, certainly have been the toughest.  Of course, the disappointment I feel in doing this all on my own when I truly thought I'd finally found THE ONE I was supposed to be with has obviously added to all of the stress and pain.

I tell my family all the time, the hardest part has been surviving without my mom's help - and it's true. I made this move with the intentions of Marko and I doing it together.  However, the last 6 months of my relationship with him have been so much more *bad* than *good* that I know in my heart that this wasn't meant to be.

Cutting the cord, as my dad calls it, has been near impossible.  Every time I get super overwhelmed, I let him back in.  My buddy Nate is buying a house up here and needs a place to stay for 2-3 months. He asked if he could rent a room from me and my response was "if you help me train my dog, take the trash out and help with groceries, you don't have to pay rent."

Those things alone are worth more than money, and are way more help than I have gotten since I moved this little family in back in September.

That's my update.  That's my life.

Just sayin'.